Magic shows for theaters
«Shows full of magic and nonsense: magic because I am a magician, and nonsense because I am a … magician»

Alberto takes his mastery to national and international stages, with unique shows designed by himself. If you are looking for an infallible plan, don’t miss one of his shows, it will be an unforgettable experience.


Boom is the latest show designed by Alberto, currently on the billboard, in which he has outdone himself once again. The most recent compilation of this great magician and showman captivates with his impossible games that «will make your head explode», always peppered with his style and mastery of the stage.


Magicomedy is pure fun. Alberto’s funniest and most spectacular games, those that best allow him to exploit his showmanship on stage. Comical situations derived from the interaction with the audience, because the whole audience participates. An ideal show for corporate events, because its tone and flexibility allow you to incorporate the messages you wish to transmit to the audience.

Cards on the table

The cards on the table is Alberto de Figueiredo’s most intimate show. Here, a select number of spectators will experience, closer than ever, a master at work in the most difficult discipline of this art, close-up magic. Again, this great magician and showman captivates the audience with his unique style and fantastic sense of humor.

The best close-up magic in the hands of Alberto de Figueiredo.

Madman magic

Madman Magic is Alberto de Figueiredo’s latest theatrical adventure, aimed at all types of audiences. It’s his craziest show to date, in which he manages to give a twist to the world of magic, permeating his art with novelty, humour, spontaneity and just a pinch of lunacy. The spectator will live through authentic follies without being able to stop laughing.

New surprises, impossible effects, humour, escapism, mentalism … in short, all the ingredients of great magic embellished with the unmistakable and unique style of this great magician and showman who, this time, will be accompanied by a “crazy” companion. All this with spectacular, clever and careful staging. A magical and crazy show where the audience will experience authentic follies without being able to stop laughing.

The magic enclave

Welcome to my peculiar little establishment. A pub without drinks, coffee or snacks, but with a free bar full of illusion, magic, surprises and lots and lots of humour. This is actually a meeting place. A place where all kinds of people (adults, children, boys, girls, grandparents, pensioners, bullfighters …), i.e., an enclave, but a magical one.

Here, the impossible is possible, the fantastical becomes real and everything is always served with a smile. And the great thing is that everything which happens in this place is full of Magic.

Delude yourself

Great illusions, impossible journeys, close-up magic, disappearances. All kinds of effects that will surprise and bamboozle.