Alberto de Figueiredo is one of the most fun, charismatic and influential magician in the spanish professional scene.

Alberto live

… I have always known that Alberto was born with a gift, the gift of feeling the essence of great and powerful magic. Later he added love and passion … and tons of professionalism. A true wonder! Thank you for sharing this passion and this gift with us all, Don Alberto!”
JUAN TAMARIZ, Master of masters
… Alberto’s magic has a professional signature: engaging personality, bright effects and effective method. Surprising and fun magic!
… Alberto’s close-up and stage magic is perfection, one of the most experienced and beloved professionals in Spain. Intelligent and commercial magic.
DAN HARLAN, Penguin magic
… Recently discovered Alberto’s work and instantly became his fan. His ideas are brilliant, his style unique and his magic incredible.
SHAWN FARQUHAR, World Grand Prix
…to teach magic you not only have to have magic knowledge, you also need: spectators domain, time and space management, writing entertaining scripts, knowing how to put routines together, having lots and lots of practical and fundamental experience, loving magic. Alberto de Figueiredo has everything, and more.
… I admire Alberto so much that I only hope be one day half as good as he is. Essential material from one of the spanish most excellent professionals.

… Alberto de Figueiredo is an exceptional magician who does everything masterfully: magic, comedy… On top of that he is handsome… And he isn’t bald! (yet).

HÉCTOR MANCHA, World Grand Prix

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