Alberto is the Head Teacher and Director of the Escuela de Magia The Magic Factory school.

Courses with a syllabus aimed at magic fans who want to learn magic to entertain and amaze their family, friends, classmates or colleagues.

A programme designed for and focused on those who wish to improve professionally or want to practice the art of illusionism.

Private classes. Master classes. Magic consultancy for the preparation of acts for professionals.

Magic courses follow an easy yet efficient method, with a programme that has been designed and perfected over years in order to teach you how to perform magic like a real professional.

- Courses for different levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

- Materials included.

- Small groups. Places are limited.

- Private classes.

Explanatory Videos: To facilitate learning, classes will be supported with audiovisual material. Each student will receive explanatory videos for each class.

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You will learn close up magic, magic with cards, mentalism, magic with coins, manipulation, etc. You will also learn theory such as misdirection, psychology, timing, presentation, construction, etc., much of which is often left out of the majority of courses.

With our courses you will be performing impressive magic from Day 1 and if you like, be the protagonist at any event. You will also acquire tools that will aid you in your professional and personal relationships.

Through magic, Alberto’s secrets and methods help to improve communication skills and attention span as well as stimulating creativity and ingenuity.

Furthermore, Magic is a fun and rewarding hobby. In our classes you will enjoy learning, practicing, rehearsing, and ultimately having a relaxing time, while learning the art that is Magic.

In our Magic School you will learn the important difference between a simple trick and a genuine "miracle".

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Alberto de Figueiredo is one of the most renowned magicians on the magic scene in Spain today. Having been on the circuit since 1993, he has performed more than 3500 times to all genres of the public, thus making him one of the most experienced magicians in the business.

He has appeared as a guest or been the resident magician on more than 100 television shows, acted in theatres throughout Spain, and participated in many major corporate events.

His work as a professional magician is recognised both nationally and internationally. As well as having won the Spanish National Magic Prize known as the ‘Premio Nacional de Magia’, he has written books where he shares his own creations, and given performances and conferences worldwide to other magicians.

Alberto combines all of the above along side being director and teacher at La Escuela de Magia The Magic Factory, and being a long standing collaborator with the ‘Fundación Abracadabra de Magos Solidarios’ The Abracadabra Foundation, Magicians in Solidarity.


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